High performance Intelligent Brushless motor, 48V-3A (6A peak)
With integrated programable driver
With 1024 pts encoder
With optional LCD display (100% customizable)
With RS485

configurable and programmable through BASIC language.

  • 6 general purpose inputs, 5 analog 12bit and 1 digital with 25ns resolution
  • 4 TOR outputs (NPN to ground), max 100mA 35V
  • Optional MODBUS

Movement type:

  • Speed regulation with parametric ramps
  • Positionning
  • Cam profile, with excel tool to create the cam profile
  • Passive brake
  • Open loop voltage mode
  • Torque control

Options: many different motor size and characteristics

 Tinaxis Plus BL6 491a0a7a8bf1e

Hardware Documention:                                 Software Menul


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