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LED Pannel Small


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The Tinaxis BL450, HIGH SPEED INTELLIGENT controller is a powerful motor driver,
programmable in BASIC, includes 32bit ARM processor.
Ideal for high speed motors (more than 20000 RPM, up to >80000 RPM), it has
special amplifier for low noise operation (no chopper on motor phases).
It has L-shaped cooling plate for easy mounting in a compact way.
12 to 50V– up to 9A continuous.

 bl450 022 400PX

Brushless motor controller, small size and powerful

Dynamic Motion brings to market a new controller for "spindle" applications (air blower, mixers, pumps).
Very compact (40 x 35 x 18mm) and providing up to 150W (up to 30V 5A), this fully digital controller is setup using serial interface (USB / RS232).
It can be configured for PID speed control, using an analog set-point or values stored it its flash memory, that is activated using the inputs.
The Tinaxis-L-BL150 allows motor operation at high-performance. Controller is dissipating few heat even at full power.
Designed for industry, robust, efficient and cost effective, this controller is perfect for demanding applications in cost sensitive markets.

Tinaxis-BL150 500pxarrow-r25

EPOSBED Project:

Project under the auspices of the European Union under the 7th Framework: A new type of hospital bed, designed to assist in positioning and movement of persons with disabilities, without the assistance of hospital staff . The main innovation comes from an intelligent analysis of patient movement to drive a set of actuators that change the shape of the bed and the patient position system. Link to the official website: eposbed.pera.com



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