An effective way to control a machine, with a modern interface.

Our various HMI are based on TFT panels with capacitive touch feature, mounted in a strong beautiful aluminium frame. The Electronic board behind is customized with various features according customers needs, such as inputs, precision measuring channels, encoder; outputs for valves, motors, heaters, RGB lamps, ...

In many cases, a machine made with our HMI is especially simple, add a power supply (generally 24V), electromechanical components, cables, then the electrical bill of material is complete.

The HMI is also compatible with battery operated systems (consumption between 1.5 and 3.5W).

Sizes are 4.3", 5", 7" resolution 24bit colors, 800x480 pixels or 480x272 px.

Last but not least, fast boot (~1 second to get ready)

 HMI 7 800px


Machine Learning and Deep Learning are often presented as technologies reserved for large enterprises and data centers. But did you know that this kind of technology can be deployed on a small scale? We have experienced this a few times ourselves. For example, we used a modest model with only 150 parameters to analyze the topology of an object using a few imprecise distance sensors, and provide a value characterizing this topology. We trained the model with a few thousand measurements over a few hours, and finally our results were impressive, with almost a decade of additional precision compared to an analytical approach. And all of this does not require servers or data centers - a small microcontroller costing only a few euros is enough for all the steps, from training to use, without any Internet connection.

If you too are interested in these kinds of solutions for your business, contact us!



Dynamic Motion is proud to introduce the new Graphical Giant LED Clocks.


LED Pannel Small


Discover details following this link.


The Tinaxis BL450, HIGH SPEED INTELLIGENT controller is a powerful motor driver,
programmable in BASIC, includes 32bit ARM processor.
Ideal for high speed motors (more than 20000 RPM, up to >80000 RPM), it has
special amplifier for low noise operation (no chopper on motor phases).
It has L-shaped cooling plate for easy mounting in a compact way.
12 to 50V– up to 9A continuous.

 bl450 022 400PX

Brushless motor controller, small size and powerful

Dynamic Motion brings to market a new controller for "spindle" applications (air blower, mixers, pumps).
Very compact (40 x 35 x 18mm) and providing up to 150W (up to 30V 5A), this fully digital controller is setup using serial interface (USB / RS232).
It can be configured for PID speed control, using an analog set-point or values stored it its flash memory, that is activated using the inputs.
The Tinaxis-L-BL150 allows motor operation at high-performance. Controller is dissipating few heat even at full power.
Designed for industry, robust, efficient and cost effective, this controller is perfect for demanding applications in cost sensitive markets.

Tinaxis-BL150 500pxarrow-r25

EPOSBED Project:

Project under the auspices of the European Union under the 7th Framework: A new type of hospital bed, designed to assist in positioning and movement of persons with disabilities, without the assistance of hospital staff . The main innovation comes from an intelligent analysis of patient movement to drive a set of actuators that change the shape of the bed and the patient position system. Link to the official website:



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