An effective way to control a machine, with a modern interface.

Our various HMI are based on TFT panels with capacitive touch feature, mounted in a strong beautiful aluminium frame. The Electronic board behind is customized with various features according customers needs, such as inputs, precision measuring channels, encoder; outputs for valves, motors, heaters, RGB lamps, ...

In many cases, a machine made with our HMI is especially simple, add a power supply (generally 24V), electromechanical components, cables, then the electrical bill of material is complete.

The HMI is also compatible with battery operated systems (consumption between 1.5 and 3.5W).

Sizes are 4.3", 5", 7" resolution 24bit colors, 800x480 pixels or 480x272 px.

Last but not least, fast boot (~1 second to get ready)

 HMI 7 800px


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Catalog 2023

Our pdf catalog contains standard products. Some innovations are not yet there.

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